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Originally Posted by 1Sleeper View Post
I happen to pull up next to a white C63 today in traffic, bad traffic which gave the opportunity to make a few observations. It sounds great, I mean really great. Looks nice although the exhaust really seems to stick out under the back of the car. The only shocking thing I noticed was the ridiculous tires and wheels. WTF were they thinking? They looked like AMG package wheels off any C class. Desperately needs much more substantial tires and wheels which I would imagine make the car not only hook up and handle better but would make the car look 1,000,000 times better. My .02.
Those exhaust tips can do some real damage if you aren't paying attention when unloading stuff from the trunk. I'm talking third degree burns. Most people can fit 265 or 275 width tires on the back without rubbing.