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V Wagon just says : business in back, party in front.

And it comes off confident as hell.
Most 'my car is better than your car' dudes would feel butthurt driving a wagon - but you'd be like the guy with nothing to prove.

But yeah, a test drive is mandatory.

As much as I respect vettes, I don't feel them.

They're very good cars. I just didn't 'connect' with the C6 for a variety of [personal preference] reasons.
(And no, it wasn't because of the 'interior' - friggin' whiners...)

I used to consider getting one, and I wouldn't have known that I'm just not a vette guy if I hadn't rented one and had a nice long chance to evaluate for myself.

That said, the V is a good looking car - for a wagon.
But isn't that good looking.

Performance wise, I can't help but see it as an obese vette - which car for car, I'd prefer the vette.
But for a family car, the V is a lot less compromise than practically any other wagon in existence...