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Its not a bad thing that more models will be created it allows more buyers to step foot into a bmw dealership due to more variety and selection. BMW is a smart company and they will not ruin what they have built this all is for the better i am sure. The idea of the X7 is amazing because I myself as well as my friends have always wished and hoped bmw would make a larger suv the x5 just does not cut it we need something larger, with all other automotive companies offering things like the LR4, Navigator, Escalade, BMW needs to step foot into the game with a larger suv so they can stop losing customers to other brand due to being to small. Also what bmw has started doing with making their cars more smooth and refined I believe is also a positive step because if you sit in a Land rover or a Mercedes, they tend to be more refined in that sense of how the suspension is. I believe everything BMW is doing is for the best and I am sure within time when these cars will be released the consumers and the critiques *cuz thats what we forum people are* will love them even more