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Originally Posted by paradocs98
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Ack! We're flying in today and driving tomorrow. What happened to the McLaren? Please tell me it's easily repairable.
Full report now!!!
Ahhh yes. We're still in Vegas awaiting spa services, so I'll keep it brief for now The McLaren was indeed MIA. I received a call from Exotics as I was plucking my bag off the carousel to inform me of the unfortunate news. No one would tell me what had happened, excerpt this is the first to be put into track-only use and they had truly thought it'd last more than 6 days.

Anyhow, I ended up with 15 laps in the Italia instead (as one friend said, a terribly sad first-world problem). My instructor was decent, talked a little much but was helpful overall. I did two ride-along laps in the Gallardo which I can only describe as violently delicious. We haven't seen the video yet because we only brought our iPads and they handed to us on DVDs (was expecting a thumb drive).

More later after I'm home, have dug myself out at work and have watched the video.

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