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Originally Posted by Untouchable View Post
Thanks, but my Akra and ESS tune were installed just last week. I drove the Akra for a couple of days before I installed the tune, you do feel the slight dip at 2k rpms, and of course the CEL came on after about 30-40 miles. The tune corrected those. I also deleted the cold start, although I would rather I didn't, I liked how it sounded, but I'm sure my neighbors appreciate. You can really feel power boost both the tune and Evo add, especially at higher rpms, the car just breathes better and responds better. I am really happy with both the exhaust and the tune, you are gonna love the combo.
I never here these kind of names before and I have no knowledge about them, so would you give me some more information about it? I really like the names of both tunes and I think they are very interesting.
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