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Originally Posted by C|3R1C View Post
I am no expert by any means but (and I am assuming based off of the picture) that the rubbing is probably occurring on the front and back of the fender. 20" is a big wheel and you seem to be lowered practically to the max. Raising the height a little may help alleviate some of the fender rubbing, as well as shaving down the inside a little (some companies do that; I think dinan advertises some cars may need to when using their wheels). The smaller tire will help too.

You can order TPMS sensors almost anywhere, but I bought mine through Omar at velos designwerks (got the OEM ones).

I want to transfer my oem tpms to the aftermarket dpe wheels but the tire shop said the mounting area is different and if the tpms were mounted it might poke through the tires (the new tires are lower profile). the tire shop said to get a mounting kit or band style sensor. i found some on this website but have no idea if i need both or what?
also seems like it might be cheaper if i were to just buy new tpms but not sure if these would fit the new dpe wheels (Adjustable from 20-40 degrees)

these are my wheels

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