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Originally Posted by Drifty// View Post
Did you tell them how much you're lowered? The tire also affects rubbing - are you running their recommended tire model & size?

You might find that the wheel doesn't rub if you're at stock height with their recommended tire. If you didn't give them all the info about your setup and follow all of their advice, I hardly see how you can blame them.

the tire was already rubbing the fender liner(plastic cover) when the car was still on the lift before the car was put back on the ground. my springs are adjustable but the tech at the tire shop didn't think raising the car would help with the rub problem. dpe never recommended any specific tire model or size. i told dpe what tire sizes(front 255/30/20, rear 295/25/20) i would like to run after reading this forum and i assumed dpe would custom make the wheels to fit my m3... for $4k and waiting 6 months i really expected more from dpe

anyways the hankook ventus v12 in 245/30/20 should be here next thursday from tire rack so i'm hoping the fitment problem will be fixed!