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Nothing you say will enlighted these myopic conservatives. They are too stuck in the muck and mire of Old-World thinking. Hopefully their children will/have read between the right-wing propoganda lines and see the light.

If Obama brought unemployment to 0%, they (conservatives) would say there are still 12-year-olds who can't find babysitting jobs. If Obama made China a democracy, they would call it an Obamacy and not dare recognize it as a democracy. If Obama brought global warming to an end (Oops, sorry. I forgot. There is no global warming ). If Obama single-handedly found the cure for cancer, they would say he spent too much money on syringes. If Obama was born in the island state of Hawaii, conservatives would say he wasn't a U.S. citizen (Wait, that's TRUE! Conservatives do say he isn't a US citizen.) If Obama said the earth was flat... (Oops, another bad example because the conservatives would actually agree with him.)

Even though I think Reagan was among one of the worst presidents middle-class American has ever had, I do give him credit where credit is due. I do feel he played an important role in the fall of communism in E. Germany. And I do feel he opened the door for other movie stars and celebrities to enter the political arena.

Bush number one did a good job with the Iraq/Kuwait conflict. And Bush number two did a good job reading to elementary school kids.