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Originally Posted by PhillyNate View Post
The fact the dealer would go even up on this deal speaks volumes to which is the better choice...and the one I'd keep.
Impossible to conclude this based on what we know. I still also think something is missing but, regardless, if a MB dealer is willing to do the trade it has zero to do with what car is better. Maybe it says the M3 has better resale but that is it. Even that doesn't make sense. A MB dealer willing to buy a used M3 with limited options (making it hard to sell) in an even swap for a demo C63 which, for a MB dealer, would be easier to move.

I'm not suggesting the OP is being dishonest but something is fishy here and I bet more to the story than the dealer is saying... what is in it for the dealer? Let's see... take a demo car (the brand you actually sell) and swap it for a used, base level car (of a brand you don't sell). What's in it for them... it's not like they can sell a limited option M3 for a huge profit over what they are giving up. The only thing that might make sense is if there is a BMW dealership in the same group of companies and they need to get an M3 for someone who is looking for one. Otherwise, the deal itself makes little sense... anyway, off topic and not relevant to the OP.
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