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Originally Posted by HP Man
Wow -- 31 minutes to respond. Let me update the statistics -- 29 of the 61 posts to date in this thread and 29 of his 108 of his total posts on I reiterate that I hope you like your wheels (seriously, I genuinely do), as ultimately, this is the only thing that matters. However, you are not simply soliciting opinion about these wheels -- if you were, you would only have 4 posts in this thread and you would not attack anybody who doesn't think you deserve a multitude of hero biscuits for buying a set of wheels. Again, I really hope that YOU enjoy your wheels. I merely suggest that it is not really relevant if anyone else enjoys that you bought a set of wheels.
Wasn't asking people to enjoy them for me LoL just opinions.. I hope u know the difference!! And I accept good or bad opinions but I think ur posts are rude and unneccessary. Btw u have 176 posts in 3 years ur just a negative nancy put on the planet to waste people's time!!

Have a great day, and again it's always good to have a stalker, kinda makes me feel good LOL