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Originally Posted by HP Man
I think he's just an attention whore who is pissed that nobody really cares that he bought some random set of wheels that he, and nobody else, thinks is great. I mean really -- 28 of the 59 posts to date in this thread are his and 28 of his total 107 posts on are in this thread flogging iss. I suspect he is an owner of the company or otherwise getting paid to flog their product....
First I am not an owner of the business... If your stalking skills is anywhere near as good as your observing u would see I am from Chicago and Iss forged is in Florida! But that's besides the point. I am simply someone who has purchased a set of wheels and would like people's opinions, nothing more! I also hope u know the meaning of an attention whore; which is some who craves attention. I am simply asking people's opinion!

Please stop being negative on the boards and I would appreciate u giving ur opinion on my wheels and not my life story! Please be respectful of all members on the boards!