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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
I have not had a chance to take my car to re dyno, so Robert was kind enough to take the car too the dyno today for me, while I spent some time with my family. He took it to a different DJ than I have normally used in the past, and the car managed 622WHP SAE / 632WHP STD on 91 only and 632whp SAE and 644 STD on 91 octane / Meth. I will post the results soon.

Vbox runs - on my first time out with the VT3 and a working clutch I hit, 6.64, a 6.7 both on a nearly flat road, and a 6.46, 60-130, but the last one was over 3%. The car did have some wheel spin at times, this was done on 19" street tires, R888's, full weight. Will try again soon, I think in cooler weather the car will do even better.

Dyno pulls and some footage of the car in action will be posted soon.
that's awesome !