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Originally Posted by Veritable View Post
I brought my parents over to live in my house so they can retire and not having to pay household expenses. In exchange I get a couple more hands to help out around the house (including house / cat sitting when I'm away on road trips) and I save quite a bit on food by eating at home.

I know it's my house, my car, my expenses, my money; but we're living under the same roof so I wanted it to be a family decision, y'dig? Just that it's gotten to a point that I'm thinking of just going for it and stop trying to convince them.

I'm 31, btw, thanks for asking.

If you can slap an ESS-575 kit onto your M3, without spending a dime, and get a fresh 5 years powertrain warranty to boot, would you do it? That is how I'm kinda viewing the situation here.

Downside is, you have to drive a Cadillac. I know, terrible....

Julie is my CTS-V therapist The only reason why I'm considering it is because I wouldn't have to spend any extra money. I just don't think my "dream car" is worth essentially $15k more; why don't I just mod the M instead?

Opulent Blue Metallic with Satin Black wheels and yellow Brembo calipers please! I bet you I wouldn't see one on the street, EVER. Whereas, when I came into work a couple days ago, the public lot had 4x E9x M3s... one AW/FR E92 right in front of me, my co-worker's AW/Blk E92, a wrapped blue E92, and mine. Ugh.

Besides, even if I DO see one, I bet you it's 6AT. We have 5 local dealers authorized to sell Cadillacs, and throughout MY2012 they had ZERO 6MTs in stock.