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Empty weight at 3.386 lbs??

Hi, after taking a close look to my Italian official brochure of the new M3, I have to say that I am a little surpriced about the true weight. I have seen many post talking about a true weight of more than 3500 lbs, but to me this doesn't seem true. Probably this was already discussed and clarified, but in any case I tell you what I read in my brochure.

empty weight
1655 kg EU 3.645 lbs
68 kg for pilot 149,7 lbs
7 kg for baggage 15,4 lbs
90% of fuel 93,6 lbs

final empty weight:

3.386 lbs

Interesting is that using the same system you can compare the e46 weights:

empty weight :
1.570 kg
3.458 lbs

final weight after detractions:

1.452,4 kg
3.199 lbs

Final difference between the two cars according to these numbers:
84,6 kg
186 lbs.

This is the weight of one person but with 77 hp more.
Are all of us able to feel a so big difference in performance when we run alone or with one our friend on board on our sport car?
So, this is the true difference between the two cars. One person (his weight)..but with much more hp available.

Are these numbers correct?