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Originally Posted by Dave07997S View Post
What??? I run 255/35/19 no issues on ZCP wheels. You can run a 275 on a 19X10 ET25 wheel and it doesn't rub. Issue is the tire is to tall. Its 26.1" thats the issue.

To the OP the rub is on the fender liner, with time it will just eat away at the part it rubs. You can also try a heat gun to soften it and push it in a tad. Also, why did you mount the wheels? You should have sent them back as soon as you realize you got a 8.5" width wheel when you were expecting a 9" wheel.

The issue
my dpe are 20s. the reason i didn't sent them back is because i TRUSTED dpe in that the wheels would fit my car. it's suppose to be a "custom" wheel. didn't know it would be a problem till after mounting the tires and putting the wheel on car. i'm not an expert on car stuff. also can't believe an extra 0.3" tall causes so much problem

as stated in my original post dpe customer service is pretty much non existent... who knows how long it would take to get the wheels changed from 8.5" to 9"

thanks for the suggestion of using heat gun to soften the plastic. is there anything important behind the plastic cover? wires?