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Evolve-R tune

I'm looking for some answers or feedback. I have a full catless exhaust, since thats the best first mod, hands down. We get the power we want and an awesome sounding car that even more invigorating to drive...

With the burger tuning dp fix, no cel, I thought that would be enough..

Well, its not. I feel like I lost some mid-range umph when I went catless. I don't even care about topend since I rarely go there, although it would be nice.

Being so happy with Evolves previous stuff, I want to know, basically confirming what I already believe I know, if current users can share some feedback.

Will I get the midrange back?
How do you like the higher rev limit?
How easy is the flash process?
How easy is it to update?
How would you rate Evolves customer service?
Overall, would you recommend it?