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Originally Posted by JulieDriving View Post
However, one more counterpoint? Are you sure 15K is not worth it for what you want? This is a rare and special car. It would look so damn good in a dark color. It might be even sought after by enthusiasts later if you want to sell it. But a 6MT wagon may prove to be more difficult to resell... I dunno, just a guess...
I priced out a factory ordered car, accounting for current incentives out here, added a normal-sized discount (a bit less than what I normally get with BMWs, but should be reasonable), then worked out my monthly payments. $100 more per month not accounting for the insurance / registration savings and I'd have to go back onto a 5 years loan. That's $16640 more over the next 5 years compared to the BMW.

For that money, why don't I look at F10 M5s instead? It's a more expensive car but I'm sure BMW will give me a better deal AND a better trade-in so.

Whereas this wagon will cost me $1040 LESS over the next 4 years, still not accounting for insurance.

As for Wagon vs. Sedan vs. Coupe, Coupe is out (even though they also have one, same price) because if I'm looking for a 2+2 I should just get an R35 GT-R instead. Sedan, none to be had, except for that +$16640 deal above. It also seems that the entire automotive press falls head over heels in love with the 6MT Wagon, calling it the coolest car on Earth.

And yet, it's exceedingly rare (definitely fewer of these in the entire world than SLS AMGs), and despite all the praise nobody bought one

Originally Posted by adc View Post
My first question to you - did you test drive it ? If not, don't sign over the dotted line just yet. Take it for a loong spin, on your favorite "test track", and drive the wheels off of it. If it wows you more than the M3, then there really isn't any decision to make.

If it doesn't excite you as much as the sauerkraut sedan, then go home happy.
There are some 6AT MY2012s locally, so I can get a test drive easier with that. However, by all accounts the 6AT is rubbish and will likely ruin the test drive for me. This car is the only 6MT available on the lot since last August, and the only reason why I'm even looking at it is BECAUSE nobody ever touched it.

The dealership was very accomodating (weird for GM) and themselves offered to let me take it for a spin, provided that I do make the commitment to buy it and get all the paperwork squared away... except the final signature. So the purchase is still subject to test drive, and I decide to sign or not sign until I get back. Their offer; I didn't even bring it up.

Still, I didn't get the chance to go that far because as you can see in the OP, I couldn't even make that commitment to buy.... Kinda wondering if I should just go FAH and try.