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Originally Posted by RandyB View Post
Man up, and get a manual car in an empty parking lot and learn in five minutes or less. You're missing out on one of life's great pleasures as far as the automobile is concerned, IMO. Driver involvement, what a concept! Of course if you spend too much time on these forums you will be convinced that they are outdated technology, etc. Decide for yourself!

I guess I felt, as a huge proponent of DCT, that the above comment was directed partly toward me (if the shoe fits, I guess...).

Let me just state that driving a manual is a lot of fun. I have spent countless hours on 2,3 and 4 wheeled vehicles both on and off road and driving a manual is truly a joy and very inheirently satisfying. Also, it is a skill every one who calls themselves any sort of a real "driver" should have.

Even as DCT becomes more and prevalent (and it will, largely replacing both automatics and MTs) driving a manual is will remain a skill any serious driver should have. They should have this skill to drive all of the wonderful MT vehicles out there as well as for driving in situations that significantly benefit from a MT and fine clutch control, such as off road in both cars and motorcycles. Obviously the level of clutch control on road is nowhere near what you need off road.

Just my 2 cents to you RandyB and to the OP.