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Again sorry guys for the length. Stupid long, but sometimes it good to get some SH##t out. I will put pics up this weekend.

Larryn I am in Braintree but work in Norwell. I have seen maybe 3 Ms in the area (silver, black, white).

Guys to sum things up these are two totally different cars and there is absolutely no comparison. When I get in my M it feels like a total privilege. But the RS feels special in its own way and far more enjoyable than the RS4 in my opinion in alot of ways.

The tt rs though has become in my mind more practical than I thought and I get great performance when I want it. The one thing that drives me crazy is how much the brakes squeak. The compound on the pad is not built for daily driving and I have to do 60-10 sprints in the morning in order to get them to optimal heat temp for them Not to squeak (I bed them in several times at the beginning). Unless its 60 degrees out they constantly squeak when coming to a rolling stop.

Is it worth the price tag Audi MSRP it for that's in question. Luckily I have great negotiating skills!! Ha

I had no interest in STi or EVo is they are a bit too boy racer for me.

Its a solid car all around and the Wife likes it because it isn't as loud and she can drive this much better (although I don't ever allow that for obvious reasons we know).

2 totally different cars and that's a nice thing. Would I trade the M or the RS...RS all day guys.

Once I do some modifications to the car then I will see if this car has potential to match up to the M.

Hopefully July stage 2 will all be put on (going with AWE).