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Originally Posted by Veritable View Post

Opulent Blue Metallic with Satin Black wheels and yellow Brembo calipers please! I bet you I wouldn't see one on the street, EVER. Whereas, when I came into work a couple days ago, the public lot had 4x E9x M3s... one AW/FR E92 right in front of me, my co-worker's AW/Blk E92, a wrapped blue E92, and mine. Ugh.

Besides, even if I DO see one, I bet you it's 6AT. We have 5 local dealers authorized to sell Cadillacs, and throughout MY2012 they had ZERO 6MTs in stock.
You sound like you really want it. Then get it. It's not ugly IMO.

However, one more counterpoint? Are you sure 15K is not worth it for what you want? This is a rare and special car. It would look so damn good in a dark color. It might be even sought after by enthusiasts later if you want to sell it. But a 6MT wagon may prove to be more difficult to resell... I dunno, just a guess...

At any rate, I think you should get what you really want, who cares what anyone thinks. But make it's truly what you really want.
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