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Originally Posted by Lights407 View Post
I just got the first set of aftermarket wheels I have ever purchased. I've never had to worry about this before, but I'm unsure as to whether my current lug nuts will work with my new wheels.

If it helps, I had the 220M wheels and I'm going to an offset of +22 on front and rear.

I'm interested in the project kics, but I'm not sure if there's an actual advantage for me, or if I even need them.

Any advice would be great. You guys are awesome
Do this:

1. Take one of the the stock wheels off

2. Put the wheel bolt through one of the holes on the stock wheel and measure how much protrudes out the back of the wheel.

3. Repeat #2 with the new aftermarket wheel. Should be the same. If there is a difference of greater than 2mm less coming out the back, I would get longer bolts.
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