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Originally Posted by geneatals
Originally Posted by twinturbo335 View Post
Celtics almost got swept by Heat last playoff with a healthy roster. This year, Allen is questionable to even play in the playoff.
true, they've beat the heat twice without allen tho, so long as no one falls on rondo's arm and dislocates it again I'm comfortable saying the celts can come out of the east...the heat are still small in the middle IMO..bass, kg, and steisma add good size and depth to the celts....bradley works better in the offense as well as he gives them some speed, this is not the C's of last year...
Regular season means nothing. Didn't the Celtics rape the Heat 3-1 last year in their season series? Look what they did to the Celtics in the playoffs. The Bulls destroyed the Heat last year also in the regular season but almost ends up sweeping them in the playoff.

Heat small? They got 6'11 guy playing the center and UD playing the PF position. Not that small.