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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Rather than making silly demands of me, I'm sure you're smart enough to answer it yourself, and see how our tax system is based upon determining one's capacity to pay taxes.
Are you sure capacity to pay is what the system is based on ?

Everyone makes choices that affect their capacity to pay taxes, but the effect that has on the taxes they are actually asked to pay is not consistently or fairly applied.

You make a choice to have children, which is your right, and thus your tax bill is relieved by X dollars because your capacity to pay is diminished due to diapers, or tricycles, or whatever.

I might make the EXACT same salary as you. I might choose to not have children. I might instead choose to buy a house with a bigger yard, construct a kennel, and foster abused dogs or something like that. Depending on their vet bills, etc. in any one tax year it is not at all inconceivable that I might spend about the same on that as you do on your child, and thus my capacity to pay taxes is diminished as much as yours, but somehow my tax bill is not the same as yours.

If someone can explain to be how that represents a fair assessment of taxes based on capacity to pay, I would be grateful.