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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
So wait... you say you'd prefer a sedan, yet you are willing to get a station wagon? What? You have to show it to your parents, and they are mad at you? How old are you? Weird...

Also, IMHO... the caddy look terrible.
I brought my parents over to live in my house so they can retire and not having to pay household expenses. In exchange I get a couple more hands to help out around the house (including house / cat sitting when I'm away on road trips) and I save quite a bit on food by eating at home.

I know it's my house, my car, my expenses, my money; but we're living under the same roof so I wanted it to be a family decision, y'dig? Just that it's gotten to a point that I'm thinking of just going for it and stop trying to convince them.

I'm 31, btw, thanks for asking.

Originally Posted by SirSpeedy View Post
I disapprove of your potential purchase, but more so your decision making process. Please report back if you decide to purchase that red wagon so we can partake in ridiculing you along side your friends and family.
If you can slap an ESS-575 kit onto your M3, without spending a dime, and get a fresh 5 years powertrain warranty to boot, would you do it? That is how I'm kinda viewing the situation here.

Downside is, you have to drive a Cadillac. I know, terrible....

Originally Posted by JulieDriving View Post
If you're stopped at a light, and another black raven CTS-V stops next to you, are you going to say........ "If I had only ordered one....."
Julie is my CTS-V therapist The only reason why I'm considering it is because I wouldn't have to spend any extra money. I just don't think my "dream car" is worth essentially $15k more; why don't I just mod the M instead?

Opulent Blue Metallic with Satin Black wheels and yellow Brembo calipers please! I bet you I wouldn't see one on the street, EVER. Whereas, when I came into work a couple days ago, the public lot had 4x E9x M3s... one AW/FR E92 right in front of me, my co-worker's AW/Blk E92, a wrapped blue E92, and mine. Ugh.

Besides, even if I DO see one, I bet you it's 6AT. We have 5 local dealers authorized to sell Cadillacs, and throughout MY2012 they had ZERO 6MTs in stock.