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Originally Posted by Scotch M3 View Post
I am riding motorcycle since last 15+ yrs.

Must sign up for MSF course (Motorcycle Safety foundation) They will teach you how to save your life.

Wear protective gears. No matter how cold or warm it's out. Full gears.

Don't be SQUID, Don't do stunts on streets.

I do speed on regular road but mostly I go with flow. If I get empty road I gun it, you can watch the video I posted.

Go to an empty parking lot and practice your breaking. Very important you learn how to control your breaks. Front 70% and back 30% so you need to get in the habit of using both at the same time but not to lock the front one or you will get a nice stoppie.

Over all start slow build up your confidence and don't scare the cagers. Respect each car on the road and stay clear you will do just fine.
I'm sure I will get flamed for sure... but...

I really don't think the MSF course does anything to make you a "good" rider. In terms of school, MSF is pre-school. Nothing they teach you there will save your life. I remember taking it 15 years ago and saying, that's it? I've since taken an advance riding refresher, and that was a "bit" better.

To me, the track and track instruction is the only place you will become a good rider, no matter what you ride. You can explore fast riding, fast braking and fast maneuvers that really translate into street riding imo.