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Originally Posted by chriszeh View Post
There are 3 ways to create a thread that wont die. Some more fun than others.

A)This is the most tried and true method.
1. Step one buy another car that isnt a BMW
2. Post its merits and how its better than an M3. This part is important, doesnt matter if its a gt3 rs or a minivan the effect will be the same.
3. Put on your flame suit and watch the post count climb.

B)This one works because, well we are mostly perverted guys.
1.Find a photo of a hot semi clothed women.
2.Post said photo. Doesnt matter if there is any car content.
3.Wait for it, wait for it. Fap, Fap.

C)This one is the most unused and difficult to pull of strangely enough.
1.Know something about the M3 that would be useful to others.
2.Spill said knowledge, and dont forget to be credible or flame suits will be needed as well.
3.Get credit for being a worthy member of M3 post and be the envy of all your friends.
i can't believe i've not seen this one before....
B) is to die for
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