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Originally Posted by ptack View Post
The video makes the same point - the achilles heels on these cars will be their lack of power. That's not power needed to make them more fun to drive, but power compared to other cars that people will compare them to. To the 18-30 year old male buyers that these cars are directly aimed at that might make a difference. It's a very nice looking car, but they exist in a very competitive market where male insecurities run rampant.

I think you are underestimating the sole MOST important factor for every car's dynamics... the weight and the way it is distributed. And that my friend is what makes of the Toyobaru such a unique proposition in today's car world.

If people are young and dumb enough to not acknowladge that before even trying it out then... well, I think they will never now what handling is all about and that's fine because this car was never envisioned for them in the first place.

The good news are you no longer need to spend at least four times the Toyobaru's price to understand all this!

As for the looks... I don't think it is one of its best attributes, BTW.

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