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Originally Posted by crashbubba View Post
Searched for the forums for a while, but couldn't find anyone asking a similar question....looking to see what ya'll thoughts are on this:

My 2008 328i's warranty and maintenance expire this August. I prefer the peace of mind and convenience of having my car covered under the BMW warranty and maintenance program. I'm debating whether it's better to shell out the $4000+ to extend the warranty and maintenance on my current vehicle, or to sell it and get another BMW CPO with warranty/maintenance included. I own my current car with 48k miles and hope to get about $21k if I sell. I'm perfectly happy with my car, and am just wondering if it's workth it to go through the time and energy of finding a good deal on a slightly newer 328i CPO? I'm hoping I could find one for around $26k - $28k. Thanks in advance.

I have been asking myself this question as well for the past month or so. My coverage will expire next year in February, so I too have been thinking if I should use the money I would have to spend to extend the warranty, to just buy a newer car.

I would like for a full face lift to come around (maybe 2015) before I decide to upgrade, but the temptation to just get a newer model instead of extending the warranty is very strong,lol.

Ultimately, the choice is on either one of us, individually. If you want to keep driving your current car, I say extend the coverage because routine maintenance and needed repairs will get expensive for our BMWs.

If you are on the fence about upgrading your car because of technology improvements from year to year, or maybe a more powerful engine, then it might be a good idea to use the $4000 to put towards a down payment for a new toy!

Decisions, decisions.... lol. Good Luck... to both of us, lol
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