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So, got the MCS 2-way dampers here. Working through a couple things with the struts, but I installed the shocks and I'm amazed at the difference.

- Turn-in is better (with ~175psi in the canisters, more rear effective spring rate is probably the reason why)
- Mid-corner composure is a LOT better. Where the rear used to skip across bumps, now it just lays the power down. The only thing holding the car back from getting into the throttle in 2nd gear is forward traction, no more worrying about encountering a bump and throwing the car sideways. The change in how it handles bumps is astonishing.
- Dive under braking is much better controlled, the car eases down onto the front springs instead of slamming down on them
- With the shocks dialed back it rides better than stock, and the adjustment range seems huge.

Routing the canisters was surprisingly easy, I just cut a corner out of each vent in the side of the trunk. Didn't even have to cut the fender liner, though I did have to pull it to get access.

Can't wait to get the struts on!