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when to wait for kills the dreams:-)

Unluky for all us...waiting for this car....the only thing to do is to wait for better,much better and closer reports, based on numbers, rilevations of datas,and track times...Numbers will kill or will save our dreams..
At the moment we have nothing on our hands...only reports.
If this car like it seems will be under the 8.10 minutes at the Ring in Germany it will be much faster than probably we will need ..(for the most of us).So one second faster, or one second will be not so definitive.
It is like with women...I think...You need to see her into the eyes and after one second you will feel something. At the moment we sew the RS4...We need to touch, to see, to admire the new m3 by person,and so all the numbers will pass in second position...