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+1 for another terrible experience at Kuni.

Good ole Davie Sprigg tried to screw me, royal. We had a deal for an allocation order. After 6 weeks of trying to get confirmation of my build number, he tells me they couldn't get the order in for the prior month and if I wanted to continue with the order they couldn't honor our deal and I would need to pay an extra $1,500. To add insult to injury, they wouldn't refund my $1,000 deposit and he conveniently stopped responding to my emails. Thankfully Amex is always on your side and I got my deposit through a chargeback. Complete d-bag operation. Needless to say I'm never doing business with them again.

Not to mention, the sales people aren't willing to negotiate at all and act like they're doing the customer a favor by selling you a car at close to MSRP. Avoid at all costs.

While I too have heard Rasmussen has changed, people like Ty and Pete are awesome and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend both of them. Great customer service!