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Originally Posted by signes View Post
Rekrul, I thought you were going to go with Evolve (based on some comments during the recent Roman/Sal/Mike tbattle thread)? Curious if that is correct what might have changed your mind. Maybe better asked over PM, lol...
Honestly, I was neutral about the whole matter. I found it humorous more than anything. I was in contact with both tuners, and I got the responses I wanted from ESS. Regardless of the comments in that thread, I don't think you can go wrong with either tuner. It was more an issue of what I as a person felt more comfortable with and my gut was in favor of ESS after exchanging numerous PMs. ESS, Roman, AJ have been nothing but courteous and prompt in their replies and furthermore their work speaks for itself , I mean look at how many ESS supercharged M3's there are and none with any problems(I made that point in the epic battle royal of a thread). So I guess what I'm saying is ESS has a rock solid reputation with regard to their products, some may have had bad personal experiences with them but I didn't so I had no reason not to go with a tune I felt comfortable with.

I will say one thing that did concern me about the Evolve tune is that they keep the O2 readiness sensors turned ON somehow. I read a post in which Mike Benvo stated that the following four things are the easiest ways for BMW to tell if your car had ever been tuned 1) Exceeding Rev Limit 2) Exceeding Speed Governor 3) Cold Start Removal 4) Keeping the O2 readiness sensors ON but disabling the SES light. Whether ore not 3,4 are pure speculation by Benvo I wanted to err on the side of caution. However, I still think Evolve and Sal are also very solid tuners.. it was more a matter of personal preference.

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