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Extend warranty/maintenance or buy another CPO

Searched for the forums for a while, but couldn't find anyone asking a similar question....looking to see what ya'll thoughts are on this:

My 2008 328i's warranty and maintenance expire this August. I prefer the peace of mind and convenience of having my car covered under the BMW warranty and maintenance program. I'm debating whether it's better to shell out the $4000+ to extend the warranty and maintenance on my current vehicle, or to sell it and get another BMW CPO with warranty/maintenance included. I own my current car with 48k miles and hope to get about $21k if I sell. I'm perfectly happy with my car, and am just wondering if it's workth it to go through the time and energy of finding a good deal on a slightly newer 328i CPO? I'm hoping I could find one for around $26k - $28k. Thanks in advance.