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Should I? 2011 E90 M3 12k km Straight Trade -> New 2011 CTS-V Wagon 6MT

Missed out on a Black Raven 2011 CTS-V Sedan 6MT last August so took delivery of my 2011 E90 M3 M-DCT. Still check Autotrader here and there to see if a 6MT V pops up somewhere....

...found one, brand new, 15km on the clock and warranty starts the day someone buys it, leftover 2011(!?) Crystal Red CTS-V Wagon, fully loaded (so does have suede steering wheel and shift knob and Recaros) and 6MT.

MSRP $81k CDN, listed at $69k CDN. Went to the dealership to talk, and was offered $66k for my trade (12k km mileage on the M3 now). Put down the deposit, got the financing squared away, but then took a LOT of FLAK from friends and family, so I backed off.

3 weeks later, they now list the car at $66k. So, would have been straight-trade now. Here's how the deal might look like:

- $66k trade for $66k = no additional sales tax to be paid as per our Provincial Law

- I owe BMW $58k for 4 years 4 months @ 3.9% rate so $1220 / month, with 3 years 4 months warranty and maintenance left

- Since both vehicles have the same value, I will be financing the $58k with GM instead, and I think I'll go for 4 years @ 4.9% rate so $1300 / month, with 4 years of full warranty and maintenance + 5 years powertrain warranty

- Since my location is positively CRAWLING with young folks driving E9x M3s, by switching I will be saving $300 PER YEAR on insurance and registration

- Everything is coming out of my own pocket, same as my previous BMWs

It IS a Wagon, and not German, so I've gained NO APPROVAL from most of my non-car-knowing friends and families. I'm personally ok with it... would prefer a Sedan but short of factory ordering one ($81k) there shall be none to take. Still, I'm wondering if I should just say "screw you" to all the doubters and just go for it..... that car worth being a pariah amongst your friends and families...?

The car in question. Brought my folks to see it and my mom got so mad from me putting in a deposit that she refused to speak to me until I got the money back.

Press photo, car looks the same.

Everyone around me says the rear is butt-ugly....