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Was it racist to laugh?

I happened to see Whoopi last night on some show, just the very end of it. She told a joke which I will repeat below. I will not use, only imply, the N word. I am in no league with Whoopi, so excuse the poor paraphrase.

A little black angle is running around in heaven, happy to have his wings. He sees God off in the distance and calls to him. God comes over and the angel asks "God, can I ask you a question?" "God relies "Sure, I came over, what is it?" The angel asks "So, I have these wings, and I'm up here in heaven and all, I'm really an angel, right" God doesn't even hesitate, but breaks out in his best inner gansta voice "Hell no, n***a, yous a bat!"

She challenged the audience, as I will challenge you: Was it funny? Was it racist? Was it's racist nature what caused it to be funny? Did you stop from laughing because of it's racist nature?

I have to say I did laugh because it was a funny visual created in my mind. Would it have worked without the gansta voice, I don't know.