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Originally Posted by Xelloss View Post
"All that noise it is the same made by an idiot."

óJames May on Top Gear Series 10 Episode 10 on the C63 AMG's .5 sec advantage over the RS4

I think this is quite apt with the C63 Black Series with all its power but in the end comes short to the older M3 GTS. This video is more credence to the fact that Chris Harris is probably the best automobile journalist/reviewer out there. I sill think Porsche puts the engine in the wrong place but I do have a secret adoration for the 911 and that GT3 RS 4.0 is truly nothing short of spectacular. I might just be moving to the 991 (if I could afford/save for it) if the F8X M3/M4 happens to get the rumored (but now unlikely) V6.
Older M3 GTS? these cars were developed around the same time as were the C63 and M3, don't forgot both cars first models were 2008! I saw in another thread where someone commented on the M3 being older than the C63, I think people just get confused because Mercedes just released the coupe versions even though the sedans are at the end of life cycle just like the M3.

But overall yes, if I was taking my car to the track a lot I would probably take an M3 or any version of it, but for daily driving the brute force/power of the C63 (regular and Black series) is just insanely fun! For that reason I am seriously thinking of getting the M5 next instead of the M3, V8 with some monster torque (even if turbo charged) is a great feeling.