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Originally Posted by GoingTooFast View Post
Pure marketing... they know that the 0-62 mph time figure is, above everything else, a VERY powerful marketing instrument... and in the case of the Toyobaru it isn't stellar.
While I was thinking about this... it came up to me that it would be fairly easy for Subaru to marketing a so called up-rated version of the Toyobaru in the near future as a BIG 'step forward' by just making reference to a way better 0-62 mph time figure (since the present one is so modest)!

When in reality all they have to do is to raise the rev limiter just 400 rpm higher (from the actual 7450 rpm) even if the power gains would only be marginal (say 10-15 hp).

How?! Just loook at what insideline said:

At 7.3 seconds, its 0-60 time (7.0 seconds using a 1-foot rollout like on a drag strip) isn't going to win over many drag racers. But this time comes with an explanation. The rev limiter in 2nd gear kicks in at 59.2 mph, requiring a second shift to achieve the milestone and slowing the time considerably.
And they are right about this... so let's go back to the math:

7450 rpm (BRZ's rev limiter) * k (const.) = 59.2 mph

y rpm (new rev limiter) * k (const.) = 62.0 mph

y = (62.0 mph * 7450 rpm) / 59.2 mph = 7802 rpm

So, with the rev limiter placed at 7850 rpm the engine is allowed to rev freely to 7800 rpm and the Toyobaru can reach 62.0 mph in 2nd gear which means that only one 'time-consuming' gear change is needed!

The 0-62 mph (and also the 0-60) time can drop significantly from 7.6 sec. to sub-sevens... say:

2014 New Toyobaru R (racing spec.) 0 - 62 mph in only 6.5 seconds, 7800rpm redline!!!

How about that as pure marketing propaganda?!