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Originally Posted by Ghetto2315 View Post
Jesus, my E92 was $70K and that is relatively low compared to the others I've seen and also compared to the E93. Love the looks of the Vantage, but would only consider the V10 and that is out of my price range. Looks wise, this F-Type has it. If Jag can stuff the 540-HP V8 in the Coupe and keep it at $80K, handles like an M3, it's enticing to me.

Yes I know, a lot of other choices for $80K. Isn't car buying great??

Edit: Looks a lot like a smaller Maserati GranTurismo Coupe
I wouldn't count on it being under $80k with the big V8. I'd bet money it will be over $90. Great looking car though - I've always been a big fan of Jags. They've never been reliable or performance leaders, but damn do they look good (except for the new XJ and all of the smaller sedans).