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Originally Posted by Michael5155 View Post

I have to admit, even though I vehemently disagree with many of the conservative rants on this post, I have much more respect for someone (even if they are republican) who has an opinion, is passionate about it, and isn't afraid to defend it than someone who merely bites the tail of the sheep in front of him/her or is apathetic about issues affecting him/herself, family and country.

I would be willing to bet my BMW that if all of us on this thread got together at a bar, had a few brewskies, shot a couple games of pool, told a few dirty jokes and talked politics, we'd agree more than we'd disagree on general political issues and problems.

I'm sure we would all agree that more people need to take control of their lives, stop watching afternoon Oprah reruns, get off their butts, learn a trade or profession, and pound the pavement for a job rather than looking to Uncle Sam for an unemployment check. And I'm sure we'd all agree that far too many families on welfare suck the taxpayers tit by having more kids just to collect more welfare. And I'm sure we'd all agree there's far too much government waste... and that social security and medicaid will be bankrupt soon. Etc, etc. etc.

But I also think (hope?) we'd all agree every American deserves health care regardless of their ability to pay. I think we'd all agree some social institutions like public education play an important role in our democracy. I think we'd all agree that when someone is down on their luck, lost their job, we, as a society, need to help them out. And I think we'd all agree the obesely wealthy because of tax loopholes do not pay their fair share of taxes when compared to the other 99% of us.

We simply disagree on what roads (public or private) to take to arrive at solutions.

This thread is a perfect example of what is wrong with the current political climate in the US. Polarization. Dems think they're right and won't listen to compromise. Repubs think they're right and won't listen to compromise. I'd even say it's worse than that. I think it's become adversarial. Neither side wants the other to appear right. It's become a middle-school playground argument: "I know you are, but what am I."

And someone who wants to run for office who may be a moderate or independent stands absolutely NO CHANCE of winning election because the big, coorporate parties won't give them any money. We need a third party in the country... but it will never happen. Money carries a bigger voice and influence than common sense and doing the right thing.

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