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Originally Posted by moss View Post
I've a feeling that the lacklustre reviews and 100000 production target will make this M3 depreciate very heavily after the first 6 months or so.

Over here M6's which cost £850000 (not $!) lose around £35000 in the first year.

I was thinking that the new M3 would be so good it would buck these trends, but I can now see the new M3 losing a good £15000 in year one.

What's do others feel?

3 series cars/coupes have hold their value exceptionally well in general. I don't see why that should not be the case for the M3 as well. The high production number doesn't mean much since that means your average M3 owner will not be that much different than your average 3 series coupe owner in many ways (apart from their budget). Remember, not everyone's like us. Most future M3 buyers have not even seen the picture of the E92 M3 yet.

However, I don't know if BMW priced the M3 too high or not in the UK. What was the price difference between the 330ci and the E46 M3, and what is the price difference between the 335 coupe and the E92 M3?