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thanks for all the replies; I def know what knocking sounds like, and it's def a light ping under initial tip in of throttle but only if the car is kinda being lugged around (low rpm, higher gear). The performance doesn't seem off at all, and I mention fuel as a possible culprit as others have also before. I def don't think it's fuel related, moreso igntion; possibly timing. But this car now has the crazy knock detection system on the spark plugs so that's why I think it could poss be timing related. That being said, yes these cars are very noisy. My e46 sounded like a sewing machine, but always ran great. I suspect all M cars make noise, and maybe my ears are more sensitive that others (i have build and blown up many cars, lol) but this noise almost def sounds out of the ordinary compared to the typical M sewing machine/chainsaw rasp