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Originally Posted by Carbon-M View Post
How do people justify the "balance" they feel when they switch over to a new set of coil overs?

The M suspension is tested again and again on the Nurburgring for hundreds of laps to twit it right for the M3. The use of the "popo" chair, professional drivers and live data in order to produce the optimal balance for the car. Other than the benefit of lowering your car, I don't think KW will have a better insight of the M3 suspension geometry than the M department.

Let me ask, which system will you choose if they both provide the same ride height, M3 struts or KW coil overs?
While M division does go through lots of R&D time, they are also on a specific budget and design for a broader market.

When I installed the coil overs, the first thing I noticed was the turn in response was much sharper and quicker. It wasn't a subtle difference. It was huge. There was a lot less body roll even when compared to EDC on sport. Also, when going over roads with a lot of uneven pavement, stock suspension would bounce all over the place even in comfort mode. There's a 45 mph limit road here where I can't go over 35-40 without the car going all over the place. When I went over the same road with the V3's I was able to drive 45mph no problem and the shocks rolled right over them without breaking traction. I still feel every bump, but the car is not all over the place like it was with the stock suspension. I've driven my wife and 2 year old son around town and have had no complaints about the ride quality either.

You feel the road more with the V3's, but the shocks absorb everything much better than stock so bumps are less jarring. Imagine getting hit by a rubber hammer lightly more often (KW V3's) vs occasional hard blows by a regular hammer (stock). That's probably the best analogy I can come up with in terms of ride quality feel. The average driver may not like this, but road feel is important to me and the V3's deliver this in spades compared to stock.

I was also about 3-4 seconds faster at Laguna Seca. The car felt far more planted, turn in response was much sharper and I felt much more comfortable at the limits.

I was pretty skeptical about upgrading from EDC to V3's as well. I had a hard time imagining it would be much better, but I was quite pleasantly surprised. I know there are better kits out there, but they come at a much higher price. The V3's are definitely a nice step up from stock if you want better handling on the street and track without sacrificing much on comfort.
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