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Originally Posted by Carbon-M
How do people justify the "balance" they feel when they switch over to a new set of coil overs?

The M suspension is tested again and again on the Nurburgring for hundreds of laps to twit it right for the M3. The use of the "popo" chair, professional drivers and live data in order to produce the optimal balance for the car. Other than the benefit of lowering your car, I don't think KW will have a better insight of the M3 suspension geometry than the M department.

Let me ask, which system will you choose if they both provide the same ride height, M3 struts or KW coil overs?
That testing, along with all other testing is done by BMW in order to peg what they consider to be the perfect balance between sport and comfort.

It's not tough to conclude that BMW is at a crossroads with its target market on its performance tuned cars.

This necessarily informs what they conclude as optimal suspension set up.

Seems like many here on this forum have a different theory on where that balance lies.

Put it otherwise, there is a certain individual for whom the stock setup can't be beat.

For others, there's an alternative that presents pros and cons, but represents their ideal set up.

You can't possibly conclude that there's an objective "best" for a mass produced car with so many varied purchasers and uses.