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P-Zero, a tragic love story... plus tire insurance claim advice

Was driving south on NYS Thruway, doing 70mph, and hit one of those large metal construction plates with a nice "bang!" on the front passenger side and a mile later I was stranded roadside attempting to reinflate my tire with that white sticky goop that comes standard with all M3's. Needless to say, it doesn't work so well when there's a 1 inch gash in the side wall that I could poke my finger in - I was desperate, forgive me!

Anyway, I have tire insurance... after getting the tire replaced I contacted the tire insurance people thinking no biggie I'd get paid, right? Wrong. Despite the blurb on BMW's tire insurance page that the program "... provides coverage in the event of damage to your tires or wheels as a result of metal, nails, glass, debris, potholes, blowouts, etc. " but this is not the case in a construction area! You're not covered. So, be warned and avoid getting flat tires in construction areas and get them on regular stretches of clean road instead

I'm pursuing a claim through NY Thruway authority, which is protracted, but I want my $600 back, dammit!

So, while getting the tire replaced, the service guy at BMW informs me that my rear 2 tires are near the wear point, and I'll need 2 new ones in a few weeks. Which means this set of P-Zero's has lasted me all of 6 months or roughly 5-6k miles. And that includes a lot of slow and steady winter driving. Yes, I drive P-Zero's in winter. In New York. It's a lot of fun. And quite scary. And expensive. But getting towed out of an 2 inch snow drift is actually quite embarrassing.

To add to that, the rear passenger tire now has a recurring slow leak, same side as the blowout. I have one new P-Zero and one semi-worn P-Zero on front, and two thread-bare ones on the rear.

So, dear P-Zeros, you soft, sticky, sexy ridiculous tires you - it's been an adventure - I'll say that. But I think we've reached the end of the road - I mean, where is this thing headed? To more blowouts? More lonely tow truck rides in the dark snowy night? It's time we said goodbye. We knew this love affair couldn't last. I need something harder, longer-lasting. And affordable!! But know this much P-Zeros... There will always be a place in my heart marked indelibly with your greasy fat skid marks.


PS if anyone is in the market for a front, slightly used, 19" P-Zero for $200, driven 200 miles, NY area, let me know.

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