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Originally Posted by absoluteis350 View Post
Jeez.. Then the M3 has something to worry about... the 335.

BMW claims the M3 ring times are 3 secs faster than the M5... which is exactly what the RS4 posts.. 3 secs faster than the M5.

So if you believe the VIR results as gospel, then it looks to me that the 335 should be able to match the M3 on the 'ring... hmmm..
No, that's wrong for some reasons.
First of all being faster at one track doesn't mean being faster at every track. That depends on the track's characteristic.
Furthermore the RS4 did a 8.09 at the 'ring but with race tires, BMW claims the M3 is 3 seconds faster than M5 with the standard PS2 tires. The RS4 on this track test above didn't have race tires.
335's ring time is 8.26!

All this means that your conclusion "if 335>RS4 at one track and RS4=M3 at Nürburgrin then 335>M3 on the ring is just poor math.
But I think your intention was to show how ridiculous the VIR result is. But for the given reasons it's not. Just a disappointing result for the RS4 in one test.

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