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iPhone and USB Music Playback

I've done a search and really haven't found any help with the issue that I'm having.

I have my iPhone connected with the standard USB cable and when I'm trying to play music, sometimes it will work and then the next time I get in the car it won't work.

When it's not working I can still see all of my playlists and songs, but when I select them to play all that shows up is "Unknown Track" and no music plays. The next time I get in the car it may or may not work again.

A few things I've tried is turning the bluetooth on and off on both the phone and the phone settings in idrive. I have also updated the software from (which I had to do when IOS 5 came out, I couldn't get any music to play at all).

I still need to try a new USB cable to see if that might be the problem and maybe try to update the software again.

Anyone else seen this?