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Originally Posted by jaiman View Post
Well The Globe and Mail had a review of the M3 in the past couple of weeks and they suggested a price of 85k, starting, before tax and options. Based on that, a lightly optioned M3 with tax could be close to 100k.

I just built comparable 335s on the Canadian and US websites. the CDN car was 55,300 and the US car was 44,300 for a ratio of 1.25. Based on a US price of 63,000 that gives a Canadian price of 79,000. With tax, we're talking about a 90,000 car.
and to the OP, if the car was American built, your exchange rate calc of 1.06 may be applicable. But although the CAD has being doing well against the USD, it's not a valid comparison because BMW Canada buys their cars in Euros. BWM can keep Canadians from buying in the US by not allowing the American dealers to sell to Canadians (it happens) and by not honouring the warranty.
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