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Well we can all play the pick and choose which review to go with game.

That being said I havnt read anything worse than the new M lacks some tactile feel in the steering. And that the steering feels "light".

To me these are the same things they said about the E46 M when it came out.

From Autoexpress about the E46 M:
"...But we get the feeling BMW's M division could have gone one step further. In faster bends, there's a tad too much body roll, and a safe and secure nose-led stance which won't get you into trouble. The steering could also be slightly sharper and do with more feel, while the chassis would benefit from being set up to be even tauter and more agile to combat the inertia of this 1,570 kg machine. These are all 'ifs' and 'buts', though. BMW has sought to build the ultimate all-around super coupe, and to that extent it has succeeded, as the M3 is an eminently usable everyday car despite it's fantastic performance potential. What seems to be needed is some sort of stripped-out 'RS' or 'Club Sport' pack, like Porsche offers, with less toys, less weight and more focus to tighten everything up for serious enthusiasts who may like to take their pride and joy to the odd track day or two. ..."

All this being said do we actually have any real evidence for any of the claims being made. All the reviews so far have been worthless "first drives" with no hard peformance numbers. People here knock handling but yet we have no skidpad or Slalom data. Nor do we have any head to head comparo's. So there is no evidence either way except for the fact that some reviewers like the steering and some dont. Hell I loved the movie Transformers but I am sure plenty of people didnt like it. Either way I wouldnt say the reviews on the new M are much different from the E46 M as evidenced above. So, in the end I just dont get what everyone is crying about.

I think the "ring" time is the most telling, but, apparently the sub 8:10 "ring" time ,which is much faster than the E46 M, isnt good enough for this tough crowd. To me, thats mission accomplished.

Finally, I do not believe that it is outside the realm of possibility that the reason we are getting such varying reports on steering is because it is being evaluated in various mode settings. In fact I would be surprised if the steering was evaluated the exact same way by each reviewer. Keep in mind that in many cases the M3 was driven right from the mountain road to the track to show how dynamic the new car is. This, in my opinion and steves from EVO, accounts for why some drivers had brake fade on the track.

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