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I can rest easy at night b/c in my mind a Porsche will always be a dentist's car, a Benz will always be a rich guy's wife's car and an Audi will always be -- how shall I say -- a car for swarthy unibrow people who spit when they speak and wear a lot of cologne and live in Glendale, CA -- if you know what I mean.

A BMW is never out of style, and that's why I like them. So even if it isn't the fastest, I just know deep down in my bones that I like it and that people 25 years down the road will like it too while the Benz's and Audis are long forgotten. Benz used to be, like BMW, a car with a lot of style, but they went too "mass market" and now most look like $hit. Some Audis look okay too, but an Audi is an Audi. Porsches are beautiful, but expensive and the people who drive them are Yoda-like bald fellas. At least in L.A. Ha ha ha!!!