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BMW Electromobility. History and Present.

BMW Electromobility. History and Present.

Electromobility is a topic for BMW since the 70's. Have a look at the development of electric cars at BMW.

Of particular focus is the BMW E1 electric car which was introduced by BMW as its first all-electric car 21 years ago. It was a revolutionary car for 1991 which featured a rear mounted 37kW (49hp) motor, aluminum and plastic body construction. Its top speed was 72mph and had a 125 mile range. You can say that it is the spiritual forefather for the upcoming BMW i3 electric car. In fact, the i3 and E1 even share a somewhat similar shape.

But things have come a long way since 1991. The BMW i3 concept features 167hp and 184lb-ft torque, albeit with a shorter 93 mile range.